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Build & Control All Your Sites From One Dashboard

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Build Your Dream Site

Imagine a world where you do not need a web hosting account, an expensive software to install, and don't have to wait any extra minute to launch your next profitable website. Simply login, pick the type of website you want to build (membership site, online store, coaching site, and many more), buy a new domain name and map it to your unique site URL.

Bingo! And your website is ready...

Start adding content to your site, create membership plans or products for your store, and start selling. Build as many sites as you want using just one account. Buy a new domain for every site you build, point it to our servers, and start selling. You don’t have to worry about buying hosting account, scalability issues, bandwidth problems...ever again. When you build a website with SiteManPro, it takes care of all traffic spikes, and handles addition of hardware resources required to keep your site in good health and running. Isn't this exciting?

Membership Sites

Create a membership site and charge your members a fixed monthly, weekly, or quarterly fee for providing access to a private member-only area. Members can access the member-only area for as long as they have an active subscription.

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Coaching, Stores...

Build shopping stores, digital vendor marketplaces, fixed-term membership sites, and lot more from single dashboard. Build as many of them as you want. There's no limit on the number of sites that you can create.

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Sell Digital Downloads

Sell & protect unlimited digital downloadable files (ebooks, videos, mp3s, software, zip files, and more). Sell your digital files from multiple websites. Automate the sales process and get paid while you sleep. Customers are automatically sent the download link for your product after a successful purchase. Instant buy now links and automatic download delivery ensures your customers can buy and download your products 24x7.

Time Limited Access

Easily specify for how many days the customer can download the product after the order date. Upon reaching that timeline, access to download the product will be revoked from customer. Use this to charge for new upgrades after free upgrade period.

Create Free Products

Giving away free products is a proven marketing strategy to build your mailing list. Create free products easily by entering the price as $0. Customers will register and download the product without having to go through payment process.

License Management

Do you sell software products (PHP, ASP, WordPress Plugins, Joomla Plugins, or may be a Desktop Software) and wish to prevent the unauthorized distribution of your products? Now you can control the license generation, distribution, and activation of your software products at a click of a button. License keys can be generated and issued to your customers as soon as they buy your software product. And when someone asks for a refund, license key is blocked automatically as soon as the payment is refunded.

Control & Limit Times a License Can Be Used

Control how many times a license can be used. For example, you can limit how many times a user can install your software and use the same license key. Then easily view the history of any license key.

Control Database Records & Sell Multiple Plans

If you want to create multiple rate plans for you software based on number of records user can store in the database of your software application, then you can do that easily now.

Email Marketing Done Correctly & Intelligently

Do you want that when a customer buys a product, that customer is automatically added to two of your paid customer lists hosted on Aweber and Getresponse, and removed from your prospects list hosted with MailChimp? This is like moving your customers/subscribers to different mailing lists (hosted with multiple providers) based on their buying behavior.

This gives you an opportunity to tap on all the hidden and big profits by doing email marketing correctly.

Services SiteManPro Integrates With

Aweber Communications
  • Add subscribers automatically
  • Remove subscribers automatically
MailChimp Service
  • Add subscribers automatically
  • Remove subscribers automatically
  • Add subscribers automatically
  • Remove subscribers automatically
Constant Contact
Constant Contact
  • Add subscribers automatically
  • Remove subscribers automatically
  • Add subscribers automatically
  • Remove subscribers automatically
  • Add subscribers automatically
  • Remove subscribers automatically
Imnica Mail
Imnica Mail
  • Add subscribers automatically
  • Remove subscribers automatically
EmailMarketer (Interspire)
EmailMarketer (Interspire)
  • Add subscribers automatically
  • Remove subscribers automatically

NOTE: We do FREE integrations with email autoresponder service of your choice. If you do not see your email autoresponder service provider in the list inside administration area, simply ask us.

Points System

Reward your customers when they buy your products. The Points System add points to customers account that they can use to buy other products from you. Points system works well with free products too. Increase customer participation and loyalty using this powerful feature. For example, you can award points to your members every month when their membership renews. SiteManPro handles this automatically for you.

Let Customers Buy Using Points

You can specify that a particular product can be purchased by either paying through credit card or by using points in a customer's account. This could increase customer loyalty, specially if you run a membership site. Admins can also manually add points to a customer's account.

Reward on Monthly Renewals

If you run a membership site, then you can reward your members with a fixed number of points every month, as soon as their monthly membership fee is received. Then offer them few products that your members can download or access using points in their accounts.

Sell via Affiliate Networks

Affiliate Networks such as JVZoo, WarriorPlus, and Digiresults have become very popular, specially for home based business owners who sell a lot of digital products in the form of eBooks, reports, or software. These networks provide you a huge pool of affiliates who promote your product for instant commissions, which is distributed automatically by these networks. You can sell your products on these networks, while keeping all records of customers and orders within SiteManPro.

SiteManPro Integrates With:

Warrior Plus
  • Support one time sales
  • Support subscription plans
  • Support one time sales
  • Support subscription plans
  • Support one time sales
  • Support subscription plans

Payment Gateways

SiteManPro integrates with multiple Payment Gateways, in a very innovative way. Do you have multiple PayPal, ClickBank, or other Merchant Accounts? Do you want to use your one Paypal Account and one ClickBank account for Product A, and a different Paypal Account and Clickbank account for Product B & C? Now you can add multiple accounts for each of the Payment Gateways, and use them for different products. This is unlike other similar software which allows you to specify only one Paypal account in settings and force you to use only that Paypal account for all your products.

Payment Gateways Supported:

  • Support one time sales
  • Support subscription plans
  • Support one time sales
  • Support subscription plans
  • Support one time sales
  • Support subscription plans

You can link multiple Payment Gateways with each Product allowing your customers to pay you using a payment method of their choice.

User Role Management

Built-in powerful role management feature allows you to create different roles/teams with restricted access. Create a Support role for help desk staff, or create a Sales role for sales and refunds staff. Then easily assign module based permissions for each role. Four permission sets available for each module - View, Add, Edit & Delete. Structuring your business is a breeze now.

Unlimited Roles

You can create as many roles as you want. Go creative and structure your team in a most innovative way possible. Disable a role at a click of a button whenever you want to revoke access to a group of people.

Easy Permissions

For each Role, you can specify VIEW, ADD, EDIT, or DELETE permissions at a module level. For example, create a "sales-reviewer" role which can only view the orders, and one as "sales-rep" which can add/edit orders.

Order Templates

Build beautiful order pages using a full featured HTML editor. Assign different templates to different products and match the look of order pages with rest of your site(s).

Easy Template Tags For You

Use system tags to show product title, price, terms and conditions, and the placement of order form in your design. You can build extremely rich order templates using this method.

Unlimited Templates

You can build as many order templates as you want. Then specify which template to be used for each of your products. Every product can use a different order template.

Intuitive Reporting

We have taken extreme care to display the data that makes most sense to a business user like you. Our sales engine has an intelligence built in to analyze and calculate the most critical information that you would like to see. For example, you will find information on Total Spend, Total Refunds, Net Worth, and Average Monthly Spent of a customer. And with beautiful charts on Dashboard, you get to instantly see the sales volume every month.

Product Data

Get instant insights on best performing products, including information about total sales and total revenue for each product.

Customer Data

Get instant information on your highest paying customers, their total spend, total refunds, net worth, and average monthly spend.

You Will Be Everywhere!

We take your branding very seriously. As soon as you sign up, you can use your own domain in the app URL without any additional cost. This means that you can use SiteManPro as subdomain.yourdomain.com. Everything - your app link, your sites, copyright notices, order pages - everything that is visible to your customers carries your name.

But not just that...

Multiple Niche Markets

Using our true multi-niche support, you can sell in multiple niche markets without having to buying another subscription plan. You can manage your sites, customers, and payments for all different niche markets in one central dashboard.

Multiple Pen / Author Names

If you sell in multiple niches and use different pen/author names in those markets, then you can continue using same names when you sell through SiteManPro. While creating a product in SiteManPro, you can specify a different pen/author name and system will use that name for email notifications to your customers.

Analytics At Your Tips

SiteManPro has built-in statistics and chances are that you may not never need any additional statistical data than what SiteManPro provides by default. However, for those advanced users, SiteManPro is fully integrated with Google Analytics. While you create a new product inside admin, simply enter your Google Analytics Account ID, and Conversion Label. SiteManPro will then start sending conversion information to your Google Analytics Account whenever a new sale is recorded.

Google Analytics

SiteManPro allows you to enter Google Analytics account info and conversion label at a product level. This is huge because now you can track the performance of your campaigns at a product level. SiteManPro sends the order information (product name and order amount) to Google Analytics. This creates a very clear data segmentation for analysis.

Built-in Analytics

Total spend, total refunds, net worth, and average monthly spent of a customer. And with beautiful charts on Dashboard, you get to instantly see the sales volume every month. Link conversion charts give you useful information about your advertising ROI and allows you to scale your campaigns with the help of right data.

Change Your Opinion of Building A Website

Use Technology That Is Light Years Ahead From The Rest. Yet So Simple To Use!

Business Owners - Centralize Your Business Centralize Business
Your Customers - Just one Login Wow Your Customers
Web Agencies - Get Platform Independence Enjoy The Scalability
Software Sellers - Control License Distribution Control Piracy
Business Owners - Centralize Your Business

Business Owners
Centralize Your Business

Control sites, customers, and orders from one central dashboard. Get a 365 degree view of your business.

Your Customers - Just one Login

Wow Customers With
Single Sign-on Technology

Have customers who buy on all your websites? They still have to use only one password.

Web Agencies - Get Platform Independence

Enjoy The Scalability
Like Never Before

Have one visitor, or one billion? It's never gonna be a problem again. Servers get added to handle your traffic automatically.

Software Sellers - Control License Distribution

Software Sellers - Control
Piracy & Profit More

Protect your software (all technologies) by issuing license keys for your software. Stop unauthorized distribution.

And Your Data Is Protected & Backed on Amazon Servers

Physical and Network Security

  • Runs on Amazon Cloud data centers - 24 x 7 monitoring
  • Amazon is compliant with: ISO 27001, SAS 70 Type II Audit, PCI DSS Level I, FISMA.
  • Physical security provided at the Data Center includes Biometric Access, Surveillance Cameras, two factor authentication, etc.
  • Network level security consisting of Robust Firewalls, Intrusion Detection Systems and Anti Virus Software

Web Application Security

  • SiteManPro is built ground-up for SaaS usage with multi-tenancy architecture
  • Systematic handling of all web application vulnerabilities like access level checking, SQL Injection, XSS, CSRF, etc.
  • Regular vulnerability scanning, schedule OS security updates & patches, log analysis and server monitoring

No Web-hosting Hassles

No Web Hosting Ever

Buy a domain, point it to your site that you build with SiteManPro.. and go LIVE in minutes. No separate web hosting to buy for your websites. All your sites run on our infinitely scalable cloud.

Only 30-Second Setup

Sign up in 30 seconds and start building your first website. Nothing to download, nothing to install, and nothing to upgrade ever. It's as easy as using your email account.

And.. 24x7 Support

Other than helpful training videos and user guides, we provide a 24x7 chat support. Click the chat button from administration area and connect with our tech support. Yes, we take your business seriously.

Get started with Sitemanpro

Your Web. Your Rules.

Build Your Web Your Way

Build Your Web Your Way

Build membership sites, online stores, or simply a blog. And build as many of them as you want. There's no limit on number of sites that you can create.

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Suit Up With Themes

Either use pre-made themes, or use blank canvas and draw your own theme. Full access to templates opens a whole new world of creativity.

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Site Traffic

Take the "Boring" out of Understanding Analytics

Find out what's working or not with easy to understand visuals. Easy charts show top areas of focus for a more profitable business.

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How Do We Stack Up Against Competition

  InfusionSoft Wishlist Kajabi SitemanPro
Create Sites
Unlimited Product Attachments
(up to 100 MB each)
Software License Management
Add & Rotate Leads on Behavioural Actions
Build Unlimited Sites Requires WordPress Limited
Theme Editor Uses WordPress
Video Upload & Management
(record views, stops, pauses count)
Only Uploads (No Stats) Unlimited Uploads & Statistics
Track Links
WordPress Support
Single Sign-on Only Kajabi Sites SMP Sites + WordPress Sites + Any External Sites
Brandable Video Player
With Your Own Logo
Unlimited Customers Paid Upgrades Required Paid Upgrades Required
Infinite Scalability For
Your Site Traffic
Cloud Backup
24x7 Live Support


$299/mo $297/license $379/mo $75/mo

DISCLAIMER: The above comparison chart is prepared after gathering information about our competitors that is freely available on the Internet. As a result, this information may not be accurate or might have changed over time. Please refer to their web site or contact them personally to validate your queries.

I run many membership sites and although I use Wishlist Member for certain types of sites, SMP is unbeatable when it comes to running several sites from a central point.

Craig Lingard

As I used SiteManPro more, I discovered that it is more than just that simple solution. SiteManPro has now become the backbone of my online business.

Allan Martin

Six months ago we wanted a Wordpress membership plugin that would allow us to manage a membership with over 30,000 active members. We finally selected SiteManPro.

Blaine MacInnes
Roy Carter
Ben Adkins
Alejandro Soares


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